The popularity of chicken appeals to the fast food crowd, the health conscious, the snackers, and those looking for a quick and wholesome meal.  It’s versatile, fun, fast, and affordable. Generating a 45% profit margin, the Jr. Tender Express is a perfect addition to any food court.  It is an exciting concept that will build traffic for your food operation. 

Our hot wings are fully cooked , fantastically easy to prepare, and have all the traits your customers are looking for in a wing.  The texture is firm, yet light and crispy.  With it’s handmade  appearance, our hot wings are a must during that favorite sports game! 

  Consistent in their flavor and already battered  with a southern style breading, our tenders are  marinated and then blanched in vegetable oil to lock in the flavor.  Try topping your salads with these tenders and your entrees will be widely acclaimed for their mouth watering flavor and impressive innovations. 

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