The Pastry Cart offers high quality products for every store setting. Baked fresh daily, these products provide a wonderful aroma for customers throughout the day. There is almost no production waste since rolls and pastries can be sold throughout the day as an on-the-go snack. Our bakery treats add value and profits to a menu and captures the breakfast, dessert, and snack market.

Always a hot seller, our Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls are “out of this world delicious!” Fresh baked Danishes, as well as the Rich’s XXL Cookies, are only a few of our “cart of pastries” designed to attract repeat business.


Customers have eagerly returned to the pleasures of indulgence and donuts are the perfect treat. Our donuts offer that made from scratch taste in a convenient format for on the go eating. Fully cooked, our donuts can be warmed and ready to decorate in less than five minutes. Topped off with a cup of rich, delicious, tongue tingling hot coffee, customers will come back just for that pastry and coffee on their way to work or school.

All items in The Pastry Cart Program can be prepared and placed in an attractive display case. These tasty treats can be sold individually, half dozen, and dozen.

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