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Vintage House Coffee is the exclusive coffee program for W.L. Petrey Wholesale.

"A Name that reflects Gourmet Coffee.... And Fine Cappuccino"

Placing this program in your business will identify you as serving a superior coffee and cappuccino product. While many of your competitors will continue to use the "national brands", they will not compare to our offering of the full-bodied and aromatic blends of Vintage House Select coffees or our rich and creamy Cappuccinos. You will now be able to boast of having a program that combines this quality along with the Point of Sale materials, equipment packages, outstanding service, and of course, the Petrey Guarantee backing all of our products.

The higher margin in coffee sales can help offset the lower margins on other product lines you offer. 68% of people who drink coffee are loyal to the brand. You will never take a back seat to anyone in the quality of coffee you serve with Vintage House Coffee, and this will be the brand your customers will show their loyalty to.

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