Papa Pepperoni’s Pizza is a true Italian style pizza crust that gives the fullest flavor of any pre-topped pizza in the market place today. It is already topped to perfection with outstanding sauce, cheese, and spices. With this product, your chances of portion control getting out of hand is drastically reduced. The use of a pre-topped crust also helps to reduce labor cost in the deli.

The Papa Pepperoni's Pizza program includes two different sizes--12" and 7". Made with the best ingredients and prepared to the highest standards, your customers will love the crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside taste.


Remember, to make a profit you must keep portioning under control and limit the amount of meat toppings you put on the pizza. With over a 40% profit margin, we can help you improve both your top and bottom lines by increasing customer satisfaction, upping the average purchase from your customers, and building repeat store visits. Another advantage of Papa Pepperoni’s Pizza compared to other programs on the market, is the ability to combine the program with a full Breakfast Biscuit Program. This gives you a morning program that in some cases produces as much or more profit than the pizza program. This program consists of fresh baked biscuits, offered with patty sausage, ham, link sausage, steak, and egg. All of these products may be prepared using the pizza equipment, thereby generating more profit on your original investment. Best of all, your product for both pizza and breakfast will come to you on the same delivery.


Today's pizza programs are all about being Real….Real Quality …….. Real Taste…...Real Value. When you are deciding to purchase a pizza program, ask yourself this question: Why would I want to invest in a program with half the options when Papa Pepperoni’s provides a better product to my customer and lets me make more profit for myself? Papa Pepperoni provides you with the most options and the most profit for the least investment.

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