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W. L. Petrey Wholesale's Frozen Drink Program

Frozen Drink programs from Alligator Ice offer retailers a great option to expand their beverage category. Alligator Ice programs are excellent with great tasting frozen drink flavors, graphics that appeal to customers and great profit margins for retailers. Alligator Ice is your source for industry leading beverage programs. Alligator Ice is another way to capture profits and make your location a destination point for your customers. Alligator Ice retailers currently selling any one of our Premium Slush flavors are making 50% to 60% gross profit. Your consideration in becoming an Alligator Ice customer is exciting. We are confident the program will be as successful for your business as it has been for our other retailers. 


Dependable equipment is one of the reasons for the success of Alligator Ice, and W.L. Petrey provides a complete program. The Alligator Ice program uses the Bunn Ultra 2 slushy machine.

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