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Here at W.L. Petrey, we are committed to building successful partnerships with our customers. Our success has been established and relied on the principle that our customers must be profitable if we are to succeed. We are 100 % committed to providing the best services and programs to our customers.

The W.L. Petrey Company was established in 1898 as a retail mercantile business. The business has grown steadily, currently servicing 6 states in the Southeast and delivering to customers on a weekly basis at points 500 miles distant. Petrey operates its warehouses out of Montgomery, Birmingham and Petrey, Alabama. The company utilizes over 350,000 square feet of warehouse space in its warehouses using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the customers receive what they order, when they need it.

We have remained a family owned and operated business for over 120 years. Here at Petrey, our focus and full attention is to the product and service needs of the convenience store industry. We cater to the specific needs of our customers, while providing the "Full Service Advantage". Our focus is on service and to assist our customers in the development of a long-term profit/success strategy.

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