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Bellarico’s New York Style Pizza is the easiest and most convenient way to serve delicious hot baked pizza. These 12” self- rising pizzas come in 4 pre-assembled varieties and can be baked in a variety of ovens.  Bellarico’s can be served whole or “by the slice” from grab n go warmers with little or no labor.

 Our signature Bellarico’s Breakfast Pizza is the #2 best selling pizza in the line. Our pizza is pre-assembled with sauce, cheese and any toppings, flash frozen and shipped in 12 count cases.

The Bellarico’s freezer to oven pre topped pizza is a  labor free program that has the toppings already in place for a consistent quality pizza. The pizzas are made from a self rising raw dough crust frozen and ready to bake shell. By having these delicious pizzas already topped,  your profit integrity is guaranteed. You never ever have to worry about the pizzas being over topped that would reduce your margin or under topped that would jeopardize customer satisfaction. These pizzas have live active yeast and must be made from a frozen state.

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