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Each week over 5 million servings of Gehl’s sauces are poured on Nachos, Hot dogs, and French Fries. People love Gehl’s sauce because they’re made from the highest quality ingredients like real cheddar cheese and Mexican spices. W.L. Petrey Wholesale is proud to be a distributor of this popular product.

Every situation has its own unique needs. That’s why Gehl’s lets you custom fit a hot snack program to your operation with a choice of sauces, dispenser colors, and promotional graphics. Simply lease your dispenser directly from Gehl’s and you too can be in the “Nacho Business”.

Each serving of sauce is dispensed directly from an air tight pouch that seals in freshness and flavor—up to 5 days for cheese, 7 days for chili. Gehl’s sauces always taste fresh, hot, and delicious!

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