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Why is Mexican food so popular all over the world? Perhaps it’s the way which meat, vegetables and spices are so cleverly combined to result in a delicious and healthy meal. Known for intense flavors, unique spicing and seasoning, our Papa’s Tex Mex offers something for everyone. 

Research shows that a variety of food offerings tend to complement each other and increase overall sales. Mexican food is a rapidly growing segment of food service and with the Papa’s Tex Mex program, your store will be able to take advantage of this trend.


Papa’s Tex Mex program menu consists of hard shell tacos, soft shell tacos, beef and bean burritos, burrito Supremes, and taco salads. Papa’s Tex Mex menu items are prepared to order using only the finest, top quality ingredients. They are loaded, grilled, melted, and topped fresh for your customers right when they order them. This means two things. First, your customers will receive food prepared exactly how they ordered it and second, it will always taste fresh.

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