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W. L. Petrey goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service and our offerings to our customers.

  • We have over 8,000 items to choose from. This includes candy, gum, snack foods, health and beauty care, general merchandise, non-foods,
    groceries, food service products, store and deli supplies, and seasonal items.

  • We have a single pick selection of more than 1,500 items that provide your stores the opportunity to offer customers a wide variety of merchandise without investing dollars in full case purchases.

  • Our salesmen visit your stores at least 26 times per year or every other week.

  • We offer store resets once every year.

  • We maintain the shelf labels on an ongoing basis.

  • W. L. Petrey produces and distributes a monthly sales flyer to all customers featuring items that we offer at a promotional price.

  • Petrey holds eight sales promotions annually featuring new items or seasonal merchandise where our salesmen bring the item information to the customer for their consideration and to place orders for this merchandise.

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