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Welcome to the Sub Station – your one-stop program for all your cold or hot sandwich needs! Sub Station is designed to be a comprehensive program, providing equipment, product, quality training, and a marketing rebate to keep signage fresh. Operate a successful sub/sandwich program, offering hot or cold, 6” or 12” sandwiches that will satisfy your customers’ sandwich hunger. 

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Our pre-made white or wheat breads come in 12” loaves, which can be used to make 4”, 6”, 8”, or 12” subs. The two most popular sizes are 6” and 12”. This pre-made bread allows you to serve a high-quality product without the high cost of equipment and labor, which increases your bottom line. Turkey, ham, roast beef, bologna, a variety of cheeses, and fresh veggie toppings make for a great sandwich everyone will enjoy. The program also offers a gourmet chicken salad for those customers watching their waistlines.

Sub Station offers you the ability to make your own pre-made sandwiches for your open-air grab-n-go coolers. Customers can get the same great quality sandwich any time of day or night or without having to wait in line. With a homemade image and higher margin, these tasty sandwiches will look great in any cooler. As with any cold item, you will have the additional option of selling them on EBT. The additional sales and margin will significantly change your bottom line.

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