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In the convenience store industry, hot prepared food can be a big factor in a store’s success. Sometimes, however, sales space can be a problem. Not anymore! Welcome to the Hot Zone! 


The Hot Zone is a 175w warmer on a rolling cart that allows you to put hot food offerings where your customers are: your register. This unique concept allows you to have hot food at the point of sale without sacrificing counter space. The cart will also provide you additional merchandise space for chips and other complementary items at a low cost.


The Hot Zone provides you with the ability to have prewrapped items for a grab-n-go experience for your customers. Who says you cannot sell tornadoes, corndogs, Bosco sticks, or crispitos? All you need is a small convection oven, and you’re in business, offering the same great items the big stores offer. Pair that with a strong 2 for $3.50 price, and you’re off and running to higher sales and profit.


Everyone loves a good snack, but sometimes you want something a little more substantial. In-a-hurry customers sometimes don’t have the time to eat a full meal, and these hot snack items will fill the void. Easy to eat while driving or sitting in their vehicle, a Hot Zone item will surely satisfy those hunger pains. Get into the food business today with Hot Zone!

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