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NCR Powernet is offered by W.L. Petrey Wholesale to enable our customers to view their account information and create orders online. Using Powernet, our customers have real-time access to their information, anytime, anywhere. The only requirement is a web browser and high speed internet connection. NCR Powernet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the Internet. Customers are not limited to the business hours of the distributor to create orders and manage account information. Customers can research product information anytime, anywhere.


Powernet System Provides

  • Ordering groceries through the W.L. Petrey website via the internet, using a state of the art Opticon 9728/9815 scanner that is as small as a cell phone. Orders are transmitted in just seconds.

  • Allowing the customer to see prior order quantities at a glance to help them make good decisions.

  • Reviewing and modifying orders by adding, deleting, or changing quantities on items before transmitting.

  • Customer management of retail pricing at all levels whether a single store or a chain.

  • Customer ability to generate item or category movement reports across date ranges and categories.

  • Customer review of invoices online.

  • Customer searches for new items at W.L. Petrey, review of pre-booked orders and force outs as well as general searches of the entire W.L. Petrey item database. 

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W.L. Petrey has partnered with ZiiZii Mobile ordering to bring you one of the most advanced mobile ordering platforms. Listed below are some key features of using the ZiiZii ordering app.

  • ZiiZii can be installed via the Apple app store, Google Play store or through Amazon.

  • Easily search our entire electronic item catalog to find products that you are looking for and easily add them to your order. 

  • Pair your phone or tablet with a Scanner or use the camera on your device for efficient scanning of shelf tags and product UPC's.

  • Setup Custom Order Guides to easily add items to your order form.

  • Quickly add item numbers to your order with the speed entry feature.

  • Send your order to Petrey with one click of a button. 

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