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Petrey’s Deep South Chicken is Chick O’ Licious good! With a special blend of tasty herbs and spices, Deep South Chicken provides you with a signature flavor unmatched in the industry. Not only does it taste great but its one step breading process saves you time and money. No more double breading in order to get the texture and crunchiness that customers love. Deep South Chicken is the anchor program that will make your store a destination stop for all chicken lovers. 

Image by Ke Vin
Wings and Fries

The Deep South Chicken loves fish, too. Signature catfish, white fish and butterfly shrimp, with fries and hushpuppies, and you have a meal fit for kings and queens. Top off with your favorite dipping sauce and a drink and you will have your customers flocking back to your store day after day. 

Add the breakfast package and you have all mealtimes covered from sun up to sundown. Plus, Deep South Chicken offers a great marketing rebate so you can keep your signage current and fresh.

Petrey has designed this program with adaptability in mind. Big store or small, existing equipment or just starting out, Petrey can develop a package that can fit your every need. Bone-in chicken, tenders, bone n’ wings,  boneless wings, livers and gizzards are the foundation of the Deep South Chicken program. With a large variety of side dishes, you can easily turn any chicken purchase into a meal. Add fries, wedges, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, or mac & cheese - the perfect side is waiting for your customers to enjoy. 

Image by Jonathan Borba
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