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On the Rise Bakery provides a high-quality, fresh-made specialty donut with additional sweet confections. Because these items are made daily, your store will be filled with a wonderful aroma that will tickle your customers’ senses. The heart of this program lies in the homemade image, designed to appeal to hungry customers.

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Donuts, cookies, brownies, cake balls and hot cinnamon rolls covered with delicious icing will all entice your customer. These tasty sweets are not just for breakfast anymore! You can increase sales throughout the day and into the evening with these delicious pastries. Rich’s XXL Cookies, David’s Cookies, and Brownies can all be sold individually or packed in multiples of 2 or 3 to create extra profit for your store. These tasty treats will keep your customer coming back time and time again.

Our pre-fried donuts from Rich’s offer a made-from-scratch taste that can be customized to appeal to your customers. Honey glaze, chocolate, vanilla, or maple icings topped with sprinkles or nuts can turn any plain donut into a special delicious snack. A cup of hot coffee or a cold drink can make this snack complete!

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